‘A 40-year contemplation’ of Glacier Bay
“Everything They Wanted: Muz and Joe, Reid Inlet, and Glacier Bay” — Book One of “If a Place Could Speak,” by Judith B. Aftergut
Second time around: Matisyahu returns to Alaska
The first time I caught Matisyahu — Christmas Eve, 2003 at a club in Brooklyn — he was like nothing I’d ever seen. And musically, I’d seen a lot.
Preserving petroglyphs
Some may call Alaska “The Last Frontier,” but evidence of Alaska Natives’ thousands of years here is etched right into the rocks.
Woodshed Kings: Heating With Wood, Part VIII: Time to Split
This summer I lucked into a great mass of rounds from a lot someone was clearing. I was just beginning to split them near the street when a car with a handsome couple stopped.
Cordovans are hoping to revive a long lost Tanner crab fishery in Prince William Sound as a step towards keeping the town’s waterfront working year round.
Juice, butter from highbush cranberries
To me, fall is a time of decay. Growing up in Wisconsin, it meant a time when the leaves changed into a layered palette of yellow, orange, and red.

What is your favorite number and why?
17, it was my golden year because my birthday is on the 17th, and my favorite holiday is St. Patrick’s day.Jolie O’Connor, Juneau resident
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