Revitalizing Yakutat
YAKUTAT - In the past five years, Yakutat has lost a quarter of its 800 residents, its economy has shrunk, and its school funding has been drastically cut. But a group of organizations and concerned community members have been working to revitalize it with wide-ranging efforts. They're trying to bring better internet to town; they're volunteering their services to repair literal holes in school buildings; they're starting museums, recruiting cruise ships, cutting brush, pursuing grants, encouraging entrepreneurship, looking at ways to lessen utility bills, and holding town meetings.
Admiralty, from many angles
T he impact of the Southeast Alaskan environment on residents and visitors can't be measured, but it can be appreciated, particularly in the work and words of the region's scientists, writers, artists and culture bearers. A handful of well-known Southeast Alaskans offered such an opportunity Saturday during an eight-hour catamaran trip to Admiralty Island, organized by KJ Metcalf and the nonprofit group Friends of Admiralty Island. Among them were Sitka whale biologist Jan Straley, Sitka writer John Straley, naturalist and author Richard Carstensen, naturalist and author Bob Armstrong, marine mammal specialist Kate Wynne, and Tlingit culture bearer Ben Coronell of the Yanyeidi (wolf) clan of the Taku River region. Joining this prestigious group from outside the boat's windows were the island's "charismatic megafauna" -- humpback whales and brown bears (the former in abundance).
Shifting tastes
"Anything but the IPAs!"
You would think that a bunch of writers would be able to define a term clearly, but some of our prominent literati seem confused over what exactly is meant by the phrase "hate speech."
Prestigious Honor for Juneau actor
Juneau actor Frank Kaash Katasse grew up hearing stories, and a year ago he began using some of those stories, and his father's narrative technique, to help write his play, "They Don't Talk Back."
YAKUTAT - Many of Yakutat's problems are connected, but many of them have to do with a lack of connection.

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