Unplugged: What happens when the Internet goes out in Southeast Alaska?
Look under the surface of Cross Sound, south of Glacier Bay National Park, and you’ll find Facebook. Google is there, too, as is the picture of the cat you just posted on Instagram.
Meals with Midgi: Special s'mores for a special occasion
Last Sunday, my dear friend Elizabeth marked a milestone birthday. To celebrate, she wanted to have a picnic at Eagle Beach with her special girlfriends. I was thrilled to be included in this amazing group of women.
Derby Delight
The Territorial Sportsmen, Inc. board was scheduled to make the final tally of the fish caught in the 68th annual Golden North Salmon Derby on Tuesday, but by press time, the unofficial winner of the derby is Juneau's Max Mielke.
Fish out of water: For some fishermen, catching is the easy part
It’s a lot of fun catching fish during the Territorial Sportsmen’s Golden North Salmon Derby, but the work doesn’t stop when you reel them in.
Whatever your reason for or history with fishing, if the strategies fishermen told us are any indication, the fish are deep — and mysterious.

If you could visit any place or time in history, where and when would you go?
"July 4, 1776, to witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence. ... plus, there's an ongoing debate about a period. I could answer that."
Log book
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