Cowritten, bilingual, Tlingit and English poem celebrates the miracle of birth
Juneau-based poet Emily Wall has been working on a book of birth poems for six years. She collected birth stories from as many different people as she could, asking participants to recall specific details, and then she shaped the intimate moments into a poem. The stories were diverse, from a woman whose child died during birth, to a lesbian couple, to a doula who had many babies herself, and even the “birth” of a foster child into a family.
The Awesome Alaska Book Review: Blair Braverman cracks open an 'Ice Cube'
It can be intimidating to give books to a bookseller. But that is just what happened one summer when a young man with a shy smile gave me Blair Braverman’s “Welcome to the Goddamn Ice Cube.
Ketchikan artist delves into mystery of Southeast Alaskan “fire trees”
Captain Lawrence “Snapper” Carson had been hauling a bundle of cedar siding for her when he spotted the hollowed out cedar. “Oh, you got one of those trees,” he said to her. “That’s where the Natives stored their fire.”
Alaska for Real: Therapy on dark winter days
An early memory that I treasure and often revisit is of when I was about eight years old and I was staying with my grandparents at their cabin in Meyers Chuck on a dark fall or winter day. It was overcast, windy, and raw outside. The water was a dark, angry grey, slapping at the boats moored at the dock across the harbor and rocking them, making the bells on the tops of the trolling poles ring out. Inside the house the wood stove was crackling and a pot of fragrant coffee perked on top of it. My grandparents were quietly reading books and exchanging comments while I was curled up on the couch coloring.
Stop outsourcing entertainment
It’s liberating to not be at the mercy of a professional sports team. Be a fan, absolutely, but know that the low of something like not catching a steelhead, or missing a deer, is better than the high of a team winning a championship.

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