Glaciers, seals and stories
A team of researchers and Yakutat residents has been working for the last four years to show, through archaeological research, the truth of oral tradition about Yakutat's historical seal camps. They've successfully uncovered sites buried for years, and now they're making a movie about their work.
I'm having so much fun with this year's release of Anchorage Brewing Company's A Deal With the Devil Barley Wine. A Deal With The Devil (DWTD) is one of the most hyped beers in the world right now, and it has been since its first bottling last year when 100 cases of the big 750 ml bottles sold out within hours despite the hefty $30 per-bottle price tag.
 A Small Holiday Doesn’t Mean Less
I subscribe to the lifestyle of less is more. Unless we’re talking about shoes, and then that just doesn’t apply.At all.
For a town with around 9,000 people, Sitka's got an incredibly active literary scene. For one, there's the Blue Canoe Writers, a group started by Sitka poet and prose writer Vivian Faith Prescott.
Every once in a while, I trick a reader into thinking I know what I am talking about.

What are you  most thankful for?
What are you most thankful for?
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