Death on the Hill
On the First Friday in October, walking through downtown Juneau where Calhoun Avenue meets West 4th Street, a friend tells me again of a rumor I've heard many times before.
Infographic: How much pie would it take to buy Alaska?
Short answer? A lot but probably not as much as you think it would.
Juneau has a brewery. So does Haines. Skagway, too.
Making Local Work: Southeast Taxidermy gets the bugs out
Some business owners have employees. Jesse Ross has a small army with a big appetite.
Late-season lake fishing is a quiet break
The lake is so glassy that even the soft morning mist casts gentle dimples on its dark obsidian surface. Echoing from a behind a blanket of angelic fog, a loon cries eerily in the distance.

 Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
“Yeah, I believe in ghosts, because it makes things interesting. Why not believe in ghosts? Ghosts are awesome.”- James Risdon, barista and UAS student
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