Screen embraces education and tradition
Riverbend Elementary is celebrating its 20th year, and Goldbelt Heritage Foundation gave the school a gift that both encompasses education and tradition during a celebration Friday.
The Amazing Alaska Book Review: Mink Island by Brent Purvis
I spent my senior year of high school in Ketchikan, to give me an idea of what city life was like after having lived most of my life in the remote bush. As it turned out, I spent the year feeling like an alien observer and couldn’t relate to the other kids’ interests. But there were a few kids who stuck out for me because of their quirky sense of humor that I could relate to, regardless of cultural shock.
From Indiana to Juneau: Megan Chalfant
After Megan Chalfant graduated college, she moved from Indiana to Juneau to pursue art.
To keep a teacher: Housing in Kasaan and Hoonah
Imagine finishing work for the day and pulling your mattress out of a closet, which you then have to put up in the morning when your students arrive for school.
Then and Now: Craig cannery
Just about every town in Southeast Alaska has a cannery. Some have several. I don’t know if its true or not but I heard that at one time Ketchikan had 17.

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