From sea to stars
Petersburg's seventh annual Rainforest Festival invites attendees to spread their wings and sample mushrooms, dragonflies and the aurora
Meals with Midgi: The romance of the salmon filet
I have a confession. I am what some may describe as corny or hokey. I love lame jokes, puns and gooey sweet romance. I cherish traditions and remembering special events. The irony is that I don't keep a lot of mementos or scrapbooks. Most are in my heart and mind and I'm sure that when I'm older, I'll regret that decision. For now though, I live happily in the moment.
"Surprised and disappointed" was the reaction of Senator Mark Begich upon learning that his opponent Dan Sullivan has bowed out of an Oct. 1 fisheries debate in Kodiak. It is the second time this year that Sullivan has declined to participate in the Chamber of Commerce event that has been an election year tradition since 1990.
Southeast history: Water's power to chop down trees
Electricity produced by water power is not a recent development in Alaska. A number of Southeast mines and sawmills in Southeast depended on waterfalls. One of these sawmills was located in Pavlof Harbor on Chichagof Island. Boats reached this bay by way of Freshwater Bay, which indents the island's east coast. Pavlof Harbor is located near the bay's mouth on the southern shore.


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