Pat Roppel - Alaska historian, adventurer, author
Patricia Ann Roppel arrived in Ketchikan as a newlywed home economics teacher in 1959, the same year Alaska became a state - and she was quickly captivated by its history. Canneries, fishing, old mill sites, mining; for decades she, husband Frank Roppel, and, later, their children, John and Cindy, explored Southeast Alaska's beaches and its forests, looking for pieces of the past.
Digital arts contest honors former teacher, Jan Neimeyer
More than 50 Juneau School District middle and high school students submitted photos and short videos to the Jan Neimeyer iDida Juneau Contest, organized by the TMHS Digital Arts Program, headed up by Janna Lelchuk, and the Juneau Community Foundation's Jan Neimeyer Memorial Fund.
When minutes matter
For about 25 years, Paul Coffey kept fire-resistant clothing in his pickup truck so he could be the first to arrive at Craig's burning buildings. When he got there, he'd check to make sure no one was trapped. He'd see where the nearest hydrants were. He'd figure out what equipment his fellow firefighters would need. By then, at least one of the fire engines would be en route, and he'd fill them in, over the radio, on what he knew.
'Hunger Through My Eyes'
"Hunger Through My Eyes," an exhibit of photographs taken by food pantry clients in Alaska that documents the experience of being hungry, will open for one night only in Juneau on Tuesday, Jan. 27. Three of the eight participating photographers will be present at the opening, which runs from 5:30-8 p.m. at the Hangar Ballroom.
In the 1980s, PBS aired yet another dramatization of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," and although it was pretty faithful to Stoker's original, there was one scene not in the book. The great vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing suddenly finds himself face-to-face with Dracula in a small room. Quickly brandishing his ever-handy crucifix (drawn apparently from a shoulder holster), Van Helsing shouts at Dracula in good Church Latin: "Vade retro me satana!" (get thee behind me, Satan).

Is the glass half full, half empty, or something else altogether?
"I'm on the optimistic side; let's put it that way."
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