A visit to the neighborhood pot shop
It was a lot less like visiting Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory than I expected, despite the myriad edibles, imbibables and inhalables available. Seattle now has two brick-and-mortar marijuana stores and I visited both to learn what Alaskans might expect should we vote to legalize the drug in November.
As legalization vote approaches, even head shops are shy of the issue
When Robert and Oke Rodman began selling glass pipes at their downtown Juneau business, Percy's Liquor Store, just before the beginning of summer, they weren't sure how many people would be interested. As it turned out, all kinds of people came in to buy the pipes, which are, as the sign proclaims, "for tobacco use only."
If Alaska approves legal marijuana, former prosecutor will be the boss
Cynthia Franklin is a former prosecutor, a wife, a mother of two, a film fan and a recovering cynic.
Legalization advocates say third time's the charm for Alaska
Both those for and against this November's Ballot Measure 2, which would legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol, say things have changed since Alaska's last ballot measure on the issue, in 2004, and its first, in 2000. What they differ on is how, exactly. Those against the ballot measure say marijuana has become an industry and is more established and more dangerous to children since its legalization in Colorado and Washington. Those for legalization and regulation say the tide of public opinion is shifting, and that Alaska can learn from Colorado's mistakes.

What do you think of Ballot Measure 2, which would legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol?
"You can pass all the laws you want, but what you've got to do is change the hearts of men. Why fill up the jails with people who are doing something probably less harmful than alcohol? It would make tax money and save our police time. The JPD and the State Troopers are doing a great job busting people for DWIs. Just legalize marijuana - they're going to smoke it anyway. Just like back in the old days, when they had the prohibition on alcohol. It made criminals out of people."
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