Non-Alaskans that watch reality television may have what they think is a clear idea of Alaska: scary bears, stormy seas, feuding hotel owners. Odds are, though, that's different from what you - and every other Alaskan - knows. Yet, each Alaskan understands Alaska in a different way, too, and that understanding influences how you understand yourself within it -- and, if you're an artist, portray it.
The written word doesn't come easily to acclaimed Alaska writer Seth Kantner. For one, he's dyslexic, something he recently spoke about in Haines.
Full disclosure: I’m in the credits of “Wildlike.” I interviewed the producer when they were filming in Juneau in 2013 and wrote a preview of the film.
This is the second week I get to write about a new brewery. Last week, I was happy to cover the Sept. 25 opening of Odd Man Rush Brewing Company in Eagle River. Icy Strait Brewing Company in Hoonah, in Southeast Alaska, officially started pouring beer on August 15. Icy Strait is Alaska’s 25th licensed brewing operation.
Bering Sea crabbers are again facing the possibility of a delayed fishery as Congressional Republicans threaten to shut down the government, this time over federal funding of Planned Parenthood.

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