After almost a century absence, sacred objects return to the Tlingit people of Hoonah
Cedar bark ceremonial headband, a “Raven the Pilgrim” rattle, and a blanket with Chilkat trim make its way home from the University of Pennsylvania
Southeast in Sepia: Fabricating the Alaskan Frontier
“The Last Frontier,” emblazoned across every Alaska license plate, evidences a cultural narrative foundational to Alaskan identity.
Algae’s athletic role in glacier melt
Life exists everywhere you look. Even on glacier ice, home to inch-long worms, snow fleas, bacteria and algae.
Local poet publishes first collection
In 2016, when Miriam Wagoner wrote a thank you letter, it turned into a poem. That poem, “Wounded Eagle’s Nest,” was published in the Capital City Weekly’s Writers’ Weir section that October, in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness month. A year later, that same poem now appears at the beginning of her first collection of poetry, “A Poem Book From My Kaasei Nook to the World.”
Juneau Symphony welcomes new concertmaster for new season
The first concert of the Juneau Symphony’s season will also be its first with Jacqueline Brand, a violinist and associate concertmaster of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Here in Juneau, she replaces former concertmaster Lisa Ibias.

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