Haida woman releases book on traditional weaving
Della Cheney’s book “Weaving Our World,” published on May 26, is a reminder of the importance traditional practices can, and should, still have on the world today.
Value the moment, even if it’s fishless
There is nothing new under the sun.So really, there are no new fishing columns. Unless of course you’re talking about new technology, which I am not.
Alaska for Real: Playtime in the bush
People sometimes have this idea that living in the bush is serious business, and it can be. But I rarely got that impression growing up miles out in the wilderness with mostly just my family for company. We did a lot of playing — and it wasn’t just us kids, either.
JUMP Society: A place for local filmmakers
Since the summer of 2002, the Juneau Underground Movie Picture Society (JUMP) has been entertaining Juneau-ites with its twice yearly film festivals, while at the same time nurturing the creative impulses of local filmmakers anxious to dip their toes into cinematic waters.
TRAYLS program creates job experience for rural Southeast Alaska youth
The Training Rural Alaska Youth Leaders and Students (TRAYLS) program was launched on June 5, 2017, as a pilot program designed to train rural Alaskan youth and young adults in various forestry related skills.

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