‘Giving glory’ to family, forgiveness
A little more than eight months ago, Ryan Carrillo was in a very different place. Recently divorced, he had come back to Juneau after living in the Lower 48 and several years in the US Air Force. The increase in Juneau crime last year affected him. Some of those getting arrested, or sucked into drugs, were his friends.
Skagway’s bookstore fills essential role in the community
SKAGWAY — The Skaguay News Depot & Books packs a lot into a small space with more than 750 Alaska-Yukon titles in stock, as well as contemporary literature, children’s books, magazines, newspapers, calendars, journals and more.
A woman called from “Room 109” and wanted some ice. She also said there was a big fly in her window and she wanted something done about it. She was informed that she had dialed the police department and that she should get help from the front desk.
What we talk about when we talk about climate
We were at the Fish House in Ketchikan early in April, talking about climate; the room was full and the conversation was lively. Outside, the berries were blooming and the snow was gone.
My friend Eileen Hosey writes to let me know that she’s keeping a lookout for malaprops in my column—malaprops, those linguistic flubs where one word is mistakenly used for another.
Lie to Me: ‘Real Alaskan Magazine’
How many times have you read an article in a magazine and exclaimed loudly (hopefully, no one is around to hear) “I don’t flippin’ believe it!” If that’s you, then Juneau’s Jeff Brown, the self-proclaimed “Editor Guy” of Real Alaskan Magazine, has a magazine for you.

What is your favorite saying or quotation?
The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. – Jonas SalkJustin Parish, Paraeducator and candidate for State House
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