CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 20)
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Astrology: 2010 Predictions: 12-Month Horoscopes for Every Sign

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 20)

Trying something that might or might not be a good idea is a situation you have to deal with. Pluto demands to change some of the elements in your life that aren't working. If something is ending, let it go. A challenge from Saturn makes your shore up your defenses and dig in your heels. Your level of commitment will be tested. In August you may say yes to an opportunity you might want to consider but not want to have. New things are presented to you - take advantage of the opportunities. Stable things become unstable, so you have to roll with the punches and let it pass. In April you become an innovator. A lucky break in June needs consideration. In July don't count on those around you for help. Mid-September puts you in a manner more easily accepted. May and August, focus on what matters to you and you may have to deal with someone in authority. So new opportunities and good things are possible, with positive energy. Luck is on your side, assuming you don't make hasty or foolhardy decisions.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 - Feb 19)

There is much planetary activity this year and some elements that have been in your life for a long time should be abandoned in favor of something new. Someone is demanding a change, whether you like it or not. Trying new things feels rewarding. A hard look at yourself and your choices can be useful. In July you learned some useful lessons. You will have inspiration about a direction in what you want to go. Something new, but you have to be prepared. You want to be more organized. Help comes from other people, and new ideas. Optimism and opportunities, courage to try things. You will have success that is more a result of luck than effort. New contacts into your life who want to see you succeed. Add some sizzle to your love life and you can inspire other people with your vision to make the world a better place. Focus on bringing your dreams to the forefront.

PISCES (Feb 20 - March 20)

If you try to transform elements of your life or within yourself, there will be a sense of positive growth. Don't let a person manipulate you, and release old patterns. You will have a sense that your psychic rush is guiding you in specific directions that you don't normally consider. In June Uranus could bring you some surprises into your life via someone close to you. You might find new ways to love your life as a result. You want to break free, but it seems as though someone always has a hammer at your head beating down and holding you in place. It makes you confront your need for rebellion, autonomy and independence versus the desire to be loved and to be there for close companions in your life. Calculated risks combine with preparation and hard work to succeed. And if in a relationship with someone who is stern, critical and demanding, speak up, express your dissatisfaction and still be the free-spirited, optimistic person. Maintain balance, hope, and sanity when making choices.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

There can be a number of power struggles, because Pluto will be in the sign of big business, where it is breaking down out-worn energies. Other people will make too many demands. In late July a boost of energy makes you want to try something new profitable and rewarding. A new sense of spiritual purpose, you feel that you are being guided toward things that could be good for you or toward experiences that bring a greater sense of understanding. Inspire to seek greater spiritual truths. Big changes and new opportunities are in store for you. Be honest about your feelings and what you're willing to do. Saturn in Libra, the planet of karma pushing you to do things you'd rather avoid. But there will be reviews and people giving you report cards on your actions and behavior. In August you might decide to try something new - perhaps with a close companion.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

Pluto, the planet of birth, death and transformation, in Capricorn will teach you to be smart and you'll learn that it's easier to go along with the changes that Pluto suggests than to fight them, because Pluto always wins. Neptune in Aquarius squares your sign and creates some chaos and confusion, two things you very much dislike. Impulses will motivate you, and you should follow your intuition. In late October, you make a change to something you've always wanted to do. You may be working hard at a new project and sense it could be good for the future. From July to September you have a feeling that a guardian angel is looking out for you. Trust in life and some significant changes in your life that started last year. Saturn-Uranus conflict in late April could cause you to rethink a project that seemed okay but now isn't quite what it ought to be.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

Some small events will occur in your life to make you opt for transformation. Interesting creative urges, exciting people from all over the globe, new changes for enhanced spirituality changing your life for the better. A new career or change in relationships and your home in late April. A Saturn-Uranus opposition can cause you to scratch your head in a debate about whether or not you should abandon something you've been slaving over for way too long. Use technology to help you stabilize ongoing projects that need revisions. From April to July you feel pressure and demands, and it feels as though you're being reviewed and judged at every turn. A risk is worth taking in May and will be proven lucky. A stronger burst of energy from August to November to move forward with courage in your life. In between video chatting, think what's best for you.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

Emphasis in partnerships this year. Some people can come along who will push you to do things differently and power struggles can result; it's best to be graceful and to accept what's changing instead of banging your head against the wall. You will be asked to toe the line, whether you like it or not. Glimmers of energy to focus on new ideas and some events can come along that require you to alter your course of action. But it will be in your best interest. Some increased responsibilities to family members in late December causes you to take serious steps to set something right. You'll have help from someone who wants only the best for you and can make you achieve more of your goals. Early in your life you usually had a sense of what you want to do and that you will be successful at it. It is that you desire the security that success can buy, not so much that you crave money for money.

LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

This year in mid-February to mid-April energy from the planets will bring a change into your life or it could impel you to become the instrument of change in someone else's life and you will nag until those bad habits are let go. You also wonder if you are on the right track and you may seek a deeper involvement in spirituality channeling messages from your spirit guides. In late October a Mars-Neptune hit will cause you to question something you've always believed to be true. Uranus in Aries in June brings the desire to try new things and in July you will be the only one to maintain sanity in a crazy situation. Don't take unwise chances simply to boost your ego. Lucky opportunities in your favor with little effort on your part. Avoid unwanted obligations.

VIRGO ( Aug 23 - Sept 23)

Some changes in your life will be the appropriate thing to do. Positive opportunities for growth and change. Your value system needs refining. In August too much energy that you can't control will be frustrating. A need for order and structure and hope, for even if something has been difficult, you will find the solution - with effort. In June you feel a desire to work on new projects and in November you feel determined to go after whatever your heart desires. June through July is a nice time for you to focus on reaching the goals you have planned. Some offers, perhaps from a former partner who still thinks fondly of you, will be tempting. You learn something significant from a close friend. Socializing and romance will be on your agenda more this year, as well as attention to financial matters.

LIBRA (Sept 24 - Oct 23)

Some situations will arise in your life in which you must deal with serious events or annoying people, revealing qualities that you would like to alter in various ways. True grit will be your salvation. Courage and determination are indicated to start a better period of your life. Mars in your sign will be pushing you to stand up for your rights. People may come and go; jobs can change, or relocation. Some changes can come from other people in your life. Life will be a little unpredictable for a few years. In June you feel that energy to make that big life-altering change. Find a situation that works on many levels, to orchestrate the change efficiently, and then go for it. Saturn in your sign will make you review your life and people will be giving you feedback as well. It provides you a once-in-almost-three-decades report card on how well you're doing. New solutions to problems, new goals, new growth and change. Dynamic people compel you to be more courageous and assertive. Luck is with you.

SCORPIO (Oct 24 - Nov 22)

In February influential people come into your life who show you to way to make necessary changes. A worry that you're not doing as well as you should makes you feel insecure and depressed, and you may not get the rewards you think you deserve. The key is to look beyond yourself toward something ethereal and find the otherworldly joys that are the true ones. A desire to relocate, and some answers come in late October. Big improvements combine talents for a rewarding project. Focus on the past and its meanings to find answers. Some visualization to produce what you really want and need. Socializing and day-dreaming will be on your list, and some good professional opportunities come in June and August. Change your modus operandi and don't repeat old patterns.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 - Dec 21)

You will have the sense that the universe is pushing you in directions that are intolerable. Increase your sense of intuition and flashes of insight; if you choose to ignore them there will be few penalties. The spiritual energy will allow you to tune to the locations and people. A decision to go on some sort of vision quest or take dancing lessons. You'll create a system that is more in keeping with your own personal nature. Big changes; old projects need redoing. In May conflicting energy and desires. You will be committed to a project with the right amount of work and expertise. It can all work out with a help of some friends in August, but in November some hasty decision or being unreasonable. Keep that in mind to put some brakes on yourself. Also some temptations will be hard to refuse. Increase your financial situation, even if risks are involved.

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