PUBLISHED: 4:01 PM on Thursday, December 28, 2006
Video educates on fishing vessel safety
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Unstable vessels account for 35 percent of all commercial fishing vessel losses in the United States each year. The new Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program instructional DVD, Fishing Vessel Stability: Operational Practices, seeks to educate fishermen about the importance of understanding and following stability guidelines unique to their individual vessel.

The 20-minute DVD describes nine key factors that affect the stability of small fishing vessels, and suggests procedures captains and crews can use to enhance stability and improve safety. While basic principles of stability, gravity, and buoyancy apply to all vessels, producer Deborah Mercy said the video is geared primarily toward small fishing vessels up to about 75 feet long.

Footage of capsizing fishing vessels, survivor interviews and motion graphics are featured in the video to help illustrate the potentially tragic results of vessel instability. The video is a must-see for operators and crews of fishing vessels and small workboats.

The Alaska Marine Safety Education Association and the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program produced the video funding from the U.S. Coast Guard. The DVD is $20 and is available from Alaska Sea Grant at (toll free) 1-888-789-0090. For more information, to view online video clips or to order online, visit the Alaska Sea Grant bookstore at: