PUBLISHED: 3:52 PM on Thursday, December 28, 2006
Alaska Board of Game rejects Pack Creek hunting proposals
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The Alaska Board of Game recently concluded its Southeast Region regulatory meeting in Wrangell.

The Board decided Sunday not to allow bear hunting in the Pack Creek area (Seymour Canal Closed Area), of Admiralty Island.

The vote was unanimous The Board's decision came after wildlife management officials at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) recommended that the areas remain closed.

Matt Robus, Director of Wildlife Conservation for ADF&G, welcomed the decision.

"At a recent public hearing in Juneau, the testimony was overwhelming in favor of keeping this area closed to hunting," he said.

"In addition, the Juneau-Douglas Fish and Game Advisory Committee recommended this action, as did a number of big game hunting guides."

Pack Creek, about 30 miles south of Juneau, has been closed to bear hunting since 1934, and nearby Swan Cove and Windfall Harbor were added to the closure in 1984.

ADF&G and the USDA Forest Service jointly operate a permitted viewing area at this site, which is visited by as many as 1,400 bear-watchers per year.

One of the two proposals considered by the Board of Game (proposal 13) called for opening Swan Cove and Swan Island in the Pack Creek-Seymour Canal Closed Area to bear hunting in the spring and the fall; the other (proposal 15) would have opened it only in the spring.

After voting down both proposals, the Board adopted a measure placing a moratorium on any future Game Board considering such proposals for the next ten years.

The board and department joined in a proposal to support resident military personnel serving in combat zones overseas.

Military men and woman serving in combat zones will now be able to transfer Tier II/subsistence permits to alternate hunters, and resident military personnel deployed to combat zones will be reissued drawing permits when they return to Alaska.

Board of Game Vice-Chairman Cliff Judkins commented that "the proposal is a good chance to support our troops and keeps them from losing permits when they are called away for active duty to serve our country."

The board voted unanimously to support the proposal.

The board also addressed a number of proposals to modify hunting and trapping regulations in Game Management Units (GMUs) 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 (Southeast Alaska).

The board adopted a proposal to require waterfowl hunters who want to hunt in the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge to complete a basic hunter education course, and divided the refuge into 10 zones which can be opened or closed in response to problems or issues within those specific areas.

The department will continue to work with the public and sportsmens' groups to refine the zoning plan.

The requirement will go into effect for the 2007 regulatory waterfowl season.

Other changes adopted by the board included a requirement for trappers to affix personal identification markings on their traps and snares, a restriction on shooting female goats with young and a restriction on shooting bull moose in some areas if antlers are broken.

The board rejected proposals to change the existing waterfowl hunting season dates across Southeast Alaska.

The board also extended the wolverine hunting season throughout the region, extended the bow hunting season for deer on a portion of Mitkof Island near Petersburg, expanded beaver trapping in GMU 4 (around Sitka), and lengthened the Tier II moose hunting season in GMU 1D (Haines area).

For more information on actions taken by the board, please contact the Board Support Section office at 465-4110.