PUBLISHED: 1:19 PM on Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Perseverance Theatre seeks gift of housing

A home away from home. That's just what staff and interns of Perseverance Theatre are looking for this winter.

Jeffrey Herrmann, producing director of the theater, said housing always is an issue and the need varies based on the time of year.

"It's a gamut," Herrmann said.

Those needing housing include interns, actors, directors and designers who come to Juneau temporarily for a production. Herrmann said all that is needed to house someone from the theater is a private bedroom. Food and transportation is provided by the theater.

"It's a really great way for folks to learn about the theater and become more closely affected by theater," Herrmann said.

"It often works out so well that the families want to take someone else."

Bob and Chris Urata have opened their home to theater staff for the past year.

"It's been a really fun experience. We've met a lot of people from different parts of the country," Chris Urata said. "You feel like more a part of the theater scene without being on the stage."

Urata said she has kept in contact with several people who have stayed at her home.

"I went to New York City a little while back and had dinner with some of the people I had met, and was able to go to a production a stage manager who stayed with us was involved in," Urata said.

"It's been a great way to bring in the outside world. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody. They become a part of our family as much as they've wanted to be."

Herrmann said housing theater personnel helps the theater without monetary commitment.

"It's a way of supporting the theater without writing a check or opening your wallet," Herrmann said.

For information, call Herrmann at 364-2421 ext. 229.