PUBLISHED: 4:56 PM on Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Give and receive in return
American Red Cross of Southeast Alaska
Tax day cometh. It might seem a little early to be warning, but trust me, yesterday was the time you wanted to begin thinking about preparing taxes. However, we cannot recover yesterday and are stuck with today to think about what deductions we can make that will qualify for those taxes due on April 15.

Now, while I am not a tax consultant and therefore can't give anyone specific tax advice, what I can do is remind you that donations to charity are generally tax deductible.

Your favorite non-profit needs your help. They need it every day of the year, but right now, you may be able to accomplish something that will help you and your non-profit of choice.

Think about it - you give your gift, get a bigger deduction, get more taxes back so that you can give a bigger gift next year! That's what I call fun.

And by giving to your favorite charity at the end of the year, you are increasing morale and giving a positive feeling at the non-profit for the year to come. It's kind of like getting a year-end bonus. Sure, we can't use it for personal gain, but we can use it to continue providing needed services in our community. After all, that is why we are here.

The Southeast District of the American Red Cross of Alaska wants to make it easy for you to give and to get. On Sunday Dec. 31, we are going to ring out the old year with a Tax Day Extravaganza. We will have tax cookies and tax punch at our office on 3200 Hospital Drive #203 in Juneau, and for those who decide to make a donation, we will be able to issue a receipt and a letter, personally autographed by our district director, stating the amount of the donation and expressing our sincere heartfelt thanks.

As an added incentive, those who make their gift during our Tax Day Extravaganza will receive the first in our vintage photo card series celebrating our 90th anniversary. During the next 12 months as we celebrate our history of helping those affected by disasters, we will be sending every donor a vintage photo card - each month has its own vintage photo.

About the American Red Cross of Alaska: Governed by volunteers and supported by community donations, the American Red Cross of Alaska is dedicated to saving lives and helping Alaskans prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

Led by over 1,500 volunteers and 27 employees, last year the American Red Cross of Alaska mobilized relief to over 1,050 Alaskans affected by disaster, trained over 32,000 people in lifesaving skills, taught over 78,500 Alaskans how to be better prepared for disasters, and exchanged more than 4,100 emergency messages for U.S. military service personnel and their families. For more information about the American Red Cross of Alaska, please visit our website at