PUBLISHED: 4:56 PM on Wednesday, December 27, 2006
What if we were still cavemen?
Imagine: your life without ideas; it would be bleak, blank, nothing. Where would we be without ideas? The answer: nowhere. We would still be cavemen sitting in caves starving ourselves to death. No, wait...we wouldn't even exist. We wouldn't have the idea to after a while, go to get food and water, the idea wouldn't exist. There wouldn't be humans...we wouldn't live.

Funny...huh? No really, sit and think about it. Without ideas we wouldn't know how to get food. After all it was some man long ago that had an idea. If he caught those things that swam around in the river he would be able to put it into his mouth and eat it. I once read on a web sight,, this wonderfully enlightening fact:

"Ideas are the most powerful things in the world. With ideas we make life better and richer. It was an idea that sent men to the moon, and it is through ideas that we can change the world in which we live in."

Doesn't that sum it all up? We certainly have made our life "better and richer" through ideas. We have created cars, computers, calculators, and countless other helpful devices. Devoid of ideas we would be sitting dust, nothing. How would we live...every advancement made by humankind was an idea, every single one. Electricity, telephones, computers, and even small things that we take for granted, like the microwave and toaster.

Art, it's an idea. Art is also one of the few things that make us different from other animals, apart from the fact that we are the most advanced species in the world. You don't see paintings on the walls of a bear's den, do you? They have no desire to spend time painting and drawing, they have to get ready for winter and eat tons of food. In other words, they have no time. Ideas make us apart from the other species. We have the ability to see something better for us, and others, and then we can put that vision into action. This is one of the main reasons that humans have advanced so far. We can make our dreams reality. We humans even study those ideas that had helped us advanced significantly.

"The history of ideas is a field of research in history that deals with the expression, preservation, and change of humans over time."

I was surprised when this fact popped up on my computer screen; it's from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We humans have been trying to find how much ideas have helped change our world for the better or the worse.

When taking a poll that I never finished, I found most people would choose weapons over an idea for the most powerful thing in the world. I, obviously, disagree strongly. Sure, weapons are powerful, but what made the weapon? Some caveman long ago had the idea that if he could use a rock, and make the rock sharp, he might be able to cut things easier, thus the knife, sword, and spear. The man General John T. Thompson had an idea. If he could take the huge cannons and make them small enough for people to hold, then he and his army could win wars easier. He succeeded. He made handheld guns for his army to use in battle. But what really made it was an idea. There have been many numerous ideas throughout our history, electricity, clocks, weapons, and pencils, even bathrooms. Yes, everyone, weapons are powerful, but we have to go back to the weapon's origin; someone before us had an idea; they made that idea a reality.

Mostly what I'm trying to say is that we need ideas. We wouldn't be alive without them, yep, sitting dust. There wouldn't be us, we wouldn't exist. Ideas are what make us apart from other animals; ideas are what shape our lives. As a man, Alain, once said, "Nothing is more dangerous then an idea..." Where would we be without ideas?