PUBLISHED: 4:56 PM on Wednesday, December 27, 2006
The pool
The new aquatic center would cost twenty-eight million dollars with a one percent sales tax for nine years, but it is totally worth it. The new high school costs a little more than the pool. So if we got it money would not be wasted! The valley needs a new aquatic center!

Most people don't like wasting time trying to get kids place to place. If we had a place for everything, then life would be easier. The new aquatic center would have more fun stuff than ordinary pools. It would have a library, basketball courts, children's areas, fitness rooms, and, of course, you can't forget the two pools. One with eight lanes and the other with a water slide, a lazy river, and more!

My parents hate driving me everywhere: the library, the pool, and soccer. The price for gas is a grand total of $3 per gallon! The lowest price in town is $2.85! All adults and parents hate wasting all that expensive gas. Lots of kids are forced to take the bus, and they don't even know the bus schedule.

In addition, a lot of the parents come home around 5:00; my parents do. So if there are no parents, there is no ride anywhere. If Juneau had an aquatic center, kids in the valley could just walk to it. It would be a good study area for all kids. They could get all the help they need.

The pool should be where the high school is, so that it isn't just for high schoolers but for everybody. They tried to make a proposal for the pool on December 12, 2005. The state polled a group of regular voters. 50% of the people polled opposed the idea and 47% supported. Four people refused to vote.

If they did get a new aquatic center, it might cost a lot, but it would be worth the money. If they had allowed more people to vote, such as kids, then the outcome might be different. So if we all try to get a new aquatic center, we will all be happy!