PUBLISHED: 4:56 PM on Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Should we have to wear those uniforms?
Imagine going to school one day; you walk into school and everyone looks clean cut, and no one is arguing about what anyone is wearing.

That could happen, if we had uniforms. Uniforms are used in schools all around the world.

They have produced good effects in the school ever since they started. Students around the world should wear uniforms, but still be able to express themselves.

Students in schools should wear uniforms because then they wouldn't get harassed.

Samantha Alex, a Floyd Dryden student says, "With uniforms people wouldn't tell you that your clothes are ugly or that what you're wearing isn't a good brand. You wouldn't have to worry about what you wear."

Students just don't have to worry about what they wear if they have uniforms.

Students' social standing would be based more on individual character and less in what they wear.

"People wouldn't judge you for what you wear but for who you are," said a student at Floyd Dryden.

Although, many people say that your clothes express your individuality, isn't that also what your personality does?!

School uniforms help bring down violent crimes.

Although this doesn't seem like it would help, a school in Texas said that when they first got the uniforms, violent crimes, like assaults, sex offences, and other crimes plummeted from 2087 crimes to 196 offences in five school years.

Plus, with fewer violent crimes, the school said that it increased its academic score too.

A lot of SAT scores went up. School uniforms would help with violence and also academics.

I took a poll of thirty-four people in Floyd Dryden.

Fourteen percent of students said yes to uniforms, twenty-three percent said that they were neutral, and sixty-two percent of people said that they would not wear uniforms.

When I asked people that were neutral, I told them that my proposal would be that kids would have to wear the uniforms every day, but on Friday they would have a "Casual Friday."

On Casual Friday the kids would get to wear what ever they want.

Most people who didn't want uniforms liked this idea. If we had uniforms, we would still be able to dress how we like on a certain day.

It really isn't the clothes that make a person but the personality that they have. Uniforms would help with more then just one thing; it would help us with grades, violence and more.

Why wouldn't you want uniforms after listening to this?