Dear Rex,
Ask Rex: How do I get this cone off? 122612 AE 1 Capital City Weekly Dear Rex,
Wednesday, December 26, 2012

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Ask Rex: How do I get this cone off?

Dear Rex,

Last week I burned my fur while lying next to the fireplace and when I jumped up I ran into the Christmas tree and knocked it over. Then I stepped on a Christmas ball that broke when the tree fell and cut open my paw and had to have stitches. I felt so bad I ate a whole plate of Christmas goodies. (Hey...they were left out on the counter!) Then because I had the "repercussions" of all those goodies I had to sleep in the garage with a ridiculous cone around my head. If that wasn't bad enough I am now at the vet because I ate a present and it seems the ribbon I swallowed wrapped around my intestines and I have to have surgery to remove it. I am worried this ridiculous cone I have around my head will prevent me from the job of cleaning the floor of all the Christmas goodies. How do I get this cone off my head?


Dear Perplexed,

The cone is there to protect you so, leave it alone . On a personal note: I too have had a cone and if I knew how to get it off I sell the information and make a fortune. I had not realized until recently that burning fur was such a wide spread problem. Often, damage is done to the skin before the fur actually starts burning. My advice is limit the time spent in front of the fireplace and definitely keep back from the flames. Unless you are making a YouTube video, you should stay away from the tree. Enough said. The ribbon issue however is serious. Apparently intestinal problems are a frequent result from ingesting ribbons and string. A good rule of paw is if your human gives you a loose ribbon to play with - just say no. Walk away. Don't swallow it and don't even put it in your mouth. Ribbons and string do not digest and all too often cause serious and sometimes fatal problems when swallowed.

To All My Faithful Readers : Bow wow wow wow, bark bow wow bark!

(Translation: Happy Holidays one and all).


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