PUBLISHED: 3:03 PM on Wednesday, December 20, 2006
POLL What is your favorite holiday memory?

  Business Banker Thomas Walls New Year's Eve at P. Diddy's place in Long Island, 1999... off the heezee!

  Office Assistant Kayla McFall Visiting family for Christmas in Juneau. It's my first time to Juneau, Alaska.

  General Contractor Brett McFall Sledding on a snow hill in my mother's subdivision. Coming from southern Oregon, snow is a big deal to me!

  Research Analyst Eric Caldwell During college roadtripping with a friend to spend the holidays with his family since mine was 4,000 miles away.

  Assistant Professor of English Nina Chordas I spent Winter Solstice in Haines last year at the Weishahns' Milky Way Farm. The neighbors had a progressive dinner.

  UAS Administrative Assistant Karen Cummins Trying to get out of town 20 years ago and being fogged in SEA-TAC for two days...driving to Boise, Idaho and then flying out.