PUBLISHED: 2:58 PM on Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Do you like having gross food?
Floyd Dryden should have bigger variety of school food. It should be healthier, have more variety, and taste better. I think the food right now is okay, but it could be much better. We should have a salad bar or have a buffet like on ferry boats where there is cold food and hot food. Floyd Dryden should change school food.

School food should change to healthier food. Eating healthier food helps prevent certain illnesses and helps your body get all the nutrients it needs. Even eating "fatty" food is okay once and a while. We should have a dessert bar that is non-fat and no sugar.

We should be able to have a variety of food. Having the same thing every week is boring and unoriginal. The food needs to be unique and have something that says, "I taste good, and I'm healthy." Having more variety is a good thing because it gives you choices on what you want to eat, instead of having people choose the food for you. At my school in Sitka, we had a buffet and we had tons of choices on cold food and hot food. Plus, you didn't have to pay with money; you bought tickets, and you paid with those. I thought that was cool.

Nobody likes disgusting, gross- tasting food. So I think Floyd Dryden should have better tasting food.

The food here isn't that bad but I think it needs to have a little "wow," and not be boring, gross brussel-sprouts that taste like feet. Our food needs "Wow" not "Whoa." Kids like it when food is good, and not gross. Floyd Dryden needs to have kids running to the food, not running from it.

School food should be changed right now. I know you all want to agree with me because this is all true, and this change needs to happen. It needs to happen really fast, because I want to spend my last year here with good nutritional food in the lunchroom. So let's try and make a difference in this school, and maybe it will change the students' attitudes at Floyd Dryden.