PUBLISHED: 2:58 PM on Wednesday, December 20, 2006
No more homework
Remember when you were a kid, how you would always play outside and hang out with friends? Basically having fun all the time. Look around once in a while and see how many kids do that now. It's not a lot, and the reason is this: no matter how old, no matter what grade you're in, you will always be stuck with homework. And a lot of it.

Homework is made for kids so they don't forget how to do the work they are learning in class. It's so teachers can make sure that kids understand it; that's no problem at all. If you're having trouble learning class work, then you will need a little more time practicing and getting better at it. But while homework may have its advantages, they don't overcome the drawbacks. Kids shouldn't have to do homework until college.

A lot of kids stay up half the night, or all night trying to finish their homework. Most students today have so much going on in their lives: Sports, clubs, family matters and other activities that can affect the time they work on homework. So when they actually start, it can take a while to work on a single assignment and that can cut into time working on other papers. Everyone knows that kids, well not just kids, everyone forgets sometimes. That's no problem really, except when kids are busy dealing with other activities. Then they have trouble remembering that they had homework in the first place. When they get home, they get stared; by the time they're done with the first assignment it's probably time for bed. This makes the student stay up later and lose hours of sleep; if they don't get their eight to twelve hours of sleep, it can deeply affect their health. When kids don't have parents home often they have no one to turn to if they need help on a problem. So they struggle and take a while to get it done.

Kids who have good grade should have the choice if they do homework or not.

Why? Because, if a student has a C or higher, in any class then they've proven that they know what they're supposed to know and that they've turned in what they've needed to. They've had few mistakes on tests and homework. If a student has a D or lower, then that's when you should give them homework; not a lot either, just enough so that they could understand it. It may not sound very fair, but why give a student who's acing their class more work, that just causes stress. Kids with C's or higher grades should not have to do homework if they don't want to.

Does America have the highest obesity rate due to homework? Some adults may think that kids are obese because they're, too busy stuffing their faces with fast food. It's true, fast food and junk food can do that to us. But that's only part of it. Remember when I stated that kids don't have parents at home often have parents at home to help them? Well, since parents can't help students on work, kids turn to food. They think that if they eat food, it will help them concentrate and get the work done for them. If you look, half the kids that are obese are actually very smart, and get their work done. They would stay inside and work hard and finish. They may have wanted to go outside and play and hang out with friends. But when they finish with their homework, it's time to go to bed, and they don't even get to go on a five minute walk outside.

People like your parents always tell you that, "When you're a kid it's the best seventeen years of your life." and that, "You should cherish the memories and your freedom." What freedom? There's no freedom for kids and teens if we're stuck inside doing homework all day and night. In other words, save the homework for college. When we're more older, mature, and responsible. Not when we're kids and teens. When you're a kid those are the memories you want to cherish and will never get back.