PUBLISHED: 2:58 PM on Wednesday, December 20, 2006
The war in Iraq
We are in a one-sided war. In 2001, a terrorist hijacked a plane and flew it into the World Trade Center. Moments later, another plane crashed into the Pentagon. Thousands of people were killed by these terrorist attacks. Then the war in Iraq started. The war has been going on for almost six years now. The war in Iraq should end.

Innocent people are dying in Iraq. So far a maximum of 54,134 Iraqi civilians have died because of military intervention, but we aren't sure of the exact amount. About 2,879 U.S. troops have died in the war, and 21,778 have been left wounded.

If this keeps up, more and more people will die, and more families will lose loved ones. Too many people are dead because of this war. If you want to lose more family members, keep the troops in Iraq.

The war is costing us billions. So far the war has cost almost 346 billion dollars, and the cost is increasing rapidly.

At this point the U.S. is spending at least 3.9 billion dollars a month to finance the war. It's hard to believe that we are spending that much money on weapons, food, and fuel. There are a lot of homeless people in our country, and we are spending all our money to finance a war against no one.

Almost all of the terrorists are dead. The main reason why we went over to Iraq in the first place was to catch the Al-Qaeda terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.

We caught most of them, but there are still more of them out there.

The other reason why we went there was because it was believed that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons and nuclear facilities in Iraq. Well he didn't, and Saddam has been sentenced to be hanged. We have no other reason to be in Iraq.

The U.S. troops should leave Iraq for good. We are killing people just because they are mad that we are there. They should be; we don't belong there. We have people without homes all over the nation because we are spending all our money financing a war.

Saddam Hussein is dead, and it's not our job to help Iraq build a stable government. It's not our job to deal with all the world's issues. We all remember 9/11. We got our revenge.