PUBLISHED: 4:00 PM on Wednesday, December 19, 2007
Rasmuson Foundation awards Eaglecrest development funds
The Rasmuson Foundation has awarded $700,000 in project development grant funds to Eaglecrest Ski Area. The grant award includes $200,000 to supplement funds already raised for a mid-mountain chairlift, $100,000 for the beginner chairlift, $100,000 for a multi-purpose service corridor to the top of the mountain, and $284,000 for a ski patrol and alpine race training building. The award also includes a challenge grant for $16,000, which will be awarded if Eaglecrest can raise $16,000 in matching funds.

The Rasmuson Foundation funded the first year of Eaglecrest's 3-year improvement plan. As future funding allows, the plan includes development of a mountain biking/hiking trail system and construction of a day-use cabin at Cropley Lake. The plan also calls for improvement of several major alpine runs on the mountain, including stump and rock removal and drainage enhancement. These improvements will allow Eaglecrest to open runs earlier and with less snow. Lodge expansion and support for the mid-week school program are also part of the 3-year improvement plan.

"The Eaglecrest Board of Directors and staff are grateful for the generous support of the Rasmuson Foundation. We are very excited and honored with this opportunity to partner with Alaska's preeminent philanthropic organization. The Rasmuson Foundation board and staff have been very helpful and supportive throughout this process. We see this as the beginning of a long-term relationship that will make Eaglecrest an even greater community asset for the residents of Juneau" said Jim Calvin, President of the Eaglecrest Board of Directors. "These initial funds will allow Eaglecrest to make significant improvements to our winter operations. As these projects are completed, we will shift our focus to improving summer recreation facilities and opportunities at Eaglecrest, including construction of a hiking and biking trail system."

The Eaglecrest board and staff have completed the necessary planning for these projects. With funding in place, bids for the projects will be out soon. In conjunction with these projects, electrical power from North Douglas will be installed to the mountain. "These next few summers are going to be very busy for the staff at Eaglecrest. We are pleased with the outcome of the initial Rasmuson Foundation Grant and look forward to successful completion of these projects," said Kirk Duncan, General Manager of Eaglecrest.

Rasmuson Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life for Alaskans by supporting non-profit organizations throughout the state.