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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

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Viewpoint: Ermine spotted in Alaska


This is in response to the Ermine Spotted in Alaska article a friend posted on Facebook:

Recently I relocated from Chicago to Sula, Mont. Approximately five days ago, following an 11 inch snowfall, a small animal was spotted beneath one of the bird feeders. The ferret-like creature was snow white and had a black tipped tail. Only one conclusion could be made - it is an Ermine - yes, an Ermine here in the back woods of southwestern Montana! The animal, aptly named Tippy, was observed moving from one stack of logs to another, and finally out of sight. Several minutes later the furry creature re-appeared and with a mouse in its mouth. Darkness soon ensued and Tippy went off to enjoy its freshly caught dinner. My camera is set and posed for the next sighting of this beautiful animal. Wish me luck.

Marlene Hardt