JUNEAU - Everyone can be a star!
Name a star with the Alaskan Star Registration! 121510 OUTDOORS 2 For the Capital City Weekly JUNEAU - Everyone can be a star!

Courtesy of the Marie Drake Planetarium

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Story last updated at 12/15/2010 - 1:50 pm

Name a star with the Alaskan Star Registration!

JUNEAU - Everyone can be a star!

You can rename a star using a person's name or nickname or with the name of an organization. The name of the person the star is being "renamed" will be recorded in the Marie Drake Planetarium Star Registry (a Star Atlas) next to the star's location.

The certificate includes the logo of the Marie Drake Planetarium and Alaska's state flag.

The certificate includes a real star number and the star's celestial address. This a fun novelty gift suitable for any occasion. However, you are not really buying a star. The only organization that can name stars is the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and they don't sell the rights to stars. NASA does not sell stars either.

These certificates are available at planetarium meetings and events for $3.

Certificates are also sold on eBay for $7 (free shipping worldwide). Search "Name a Star Alaskan Star Registration".

Cristina Della Rosa, the webmaster for the Marie Drake Planetarium created the star registration certificate as a fundraiser for the planetarium. The planetarium is run by volunteers and its only current source of income are donations from people who attend shows. Planetarium shows are always free. The planetarium has a one hour show the last Tuesday of every month and other shows and events periodically. The planetarium also provides free shows to school groups and other organizations. More information is available on website: MarieDrakePlanetarium.com, or e-mail info@mariedrakeplanetarium.com.