PUBLISHED: 4:35 PM on Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Perseverance Theatre presents 'Black Comedy'
Perseverance Theatre prepares to open the second show of its 2007-2008 season with "Black Comedy," running Dec. 12-Jan. 13. Keith Baxter directs a cast of eight in this perennial favorite. The show features PT's resident local acting company and guest artists from across the United States. It's 1965 in London and a young starving artist, Brindsley Miller, anxiously readies himself to meet his girlfriend, Carol's, conservative father. The dinner's prepped, the furniture's borrowed, and the nerves are calmed for the perfect evening of meet-the-Colonel. What could possibly go wrong? A fuse blows, the lights go out and a hilarious farce commences. In an inspired move by acclaimed playwright Peter Shaffer the first moments of the play keep the audience in dark, literally. While the characters onstage can see, the audience sees nothing. As soon as the power goes out in Brindsley's flat the stage is flooded with light letting the audience in on the secrets and mistakes that soon begin to unfold in the dark. British theater legend Baxter returns to Juneau after directing last season's "Noises Off" to direct this farce beyond farces. Levi Ben-Israel comes from Fairbanks to play Brindsley Miller the artist who finds that he may have more problems than just a little bad wiring. He joins a cast made up of several Juneau locals. Jake Waid, who starred as Hamlet last season plays Schuppanzigh the German refuge who comes to mend the blown fuse. Juneau local Allan Huyton plays Harold Gorringe, Brindsley's fussy next-door neighbor. PT board member Maria Gladziszweski portrays Miss Furnival the addled spinster who lives upstairs, while Jerry Demmert who recently appeared in "Yeast Nation" at PT will play Colonel Melkett, the strict father of Brindsley's fiancé. Brittany Burch, Brandon Demmery and Sheilagh O'Loughlin round out the eight-person ensemble.

Shows run at 7:30 p.m. Wednesdays through Fridays through Jan. 13, with a matinee at 2 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 6, and Jan. 13. For information on tickets and shows, go online to