PUBLISHED: 1:07 PM on Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Beef Brisket With Mushrooms and Pearl Onions

4 lbs. beef brisket

1 (1-oz.) envelope dry onion soup mix

1 (10.25-oz.) jar Smucker's Low Sugar Grape Jelly

1 (12-oz.) jar Crosse & Blackwell Seafood Cocktail Sauce

2 Tbsp. butter

1 (6-oz.) package fresh sliced mushrooms

1 (16-oz.) package frozen white pearl onions, thawed

2 Tbsp. chopped fresh tarragon

Crisco No-Stick Cooking Spray

Preheat oven to 350?F. Place sheet of heavy-duty aluminum foil in shallow roasting pan with foil extending 6 inches beyond pan on either side. Spray with no-stick cooking spray. Place brisket fat-side down in middle of foil.

Combine dry onion soup mix with jelly and cocktail sauce in medium bowl. Pour half of mixture over brisket; turn brisket fat-side up, covering with remaining onion mixture. Bring both sides of foil to middle and fold foil down on itself several times. Repeat with two remaining sides. Bake 3 hours or until fork-tender. Remove from oven. (Brisket can be cooled and held in refrigerator overnight at this point.)

In 10-inch skillet melt 2 tablespoons butter; sauté mushrooms and onions 5 to 8 minutes or until light golden brown.

Remove brisket from pan; pour off juices, skimming fat off top. Remove layer of fat from brisket. Slice meat across grain into thin slices. Return meat to roaster. Top meat with mushroom mixture, meat juices and tarragon. Cover with foil. Return to oven to heat through before serving.

Makes 8 servings.