PUBLISHED: 1:13 PM on Wednesday, December 7, 2005
Situation needs to be resolved
I'm writing this letter regarding my need for justification on behalf of my parents Mr. and Mrs. William Nelson Sr. for an incident that took place on July 11, 1979.

Both my parents were taken from Angoon to Hood Bay in a helicopter by two employees of the Bureau of Land Management. Their intentions were to take my parents to and from Hood Bay to take pictures of them on their Native allotment, which should have been sanctioned by ANCSA.

Upon my parents return home from the trip, I learned that the two men were violently ushering them both the whole way. Pushing, shoving and sarcasm was not necessary at all.

As time passed, no Native allotment was received by my parents. Letters and phone calls to the Anchorage-based office regarding this matter went unanswered.

In conclusion, I would like action taken into consideration by the appropriate sources. The physical assault and harassment by the two employees is unjust to anyone in their right mind. As for the Native allotment, I would like for it to be resolved as quickly as possible. My family and I refuse to be ignored anymore.

Michael Nelson