PUBLISHED: 5:04 PM on Wednesday, December 6, 2006
POLL How do you cope with decreasing daylight?

  Silver Carver / Student Ricky Tagaban Grande mocha with Irish creme and toppings. The toppings are the first to go!

  State Worker Jolene Shelton Turn on all the lights in the house and play with my dogs Keiki, Dolly and Criket.

  Civil Engineer Marie Messing Decreasing daylight doesn't bother me.

  Commercial Fisherman Tom Brayton Eaglecrest.

  Biologist / Student Kristen Dunlap Wear a head lamp.

  Pharmacist Catherine Kalalski I use a SAD each morning for about 20-30 minutes and try to maintain a consistant exercise routine. I also take my antioxidants faithfully.