PUBLISHED: 5:11 PM on Wednesday, December 6, 2006
The Snow Flakes and Icy Streets: The First City Welcomes Winter

Photo by Gretchen Klein
  Juanita Diamond and Jim Diamond at the Senior Lunch hosted by the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce at the S.E. Senior Center.
Ketchikan has experienced a lot of white swirling snow and high gusts of wind. The hustle and bustle of holiday celebrations is in the air in Ketchikan. Thank you to all the volunteers who simply make a difference in many peoples lives in Ketchikan and across the state. It is also a good time to stand up and say let's say what can we do as a community help improve the lives of folks around us.

During a recent lunch hosted by the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce at the S.E. Senior Center, the hot topic was lack of space and need for fun activities. "Audience members voiced the need for a new facility. A place to come for fun: live music, dancing, exercise, and better transportation schedules." The multi-functioning facility has many limitations including tight seating, steep stairs up to art room, and the lack of parking.

The center bus drivers do the best they can to reach the homebound seniors with hot meals, and take many on trips to appointments, shopping, and to the grocery market. This need is much greater than many of us realize, and coordinating picks and deliveries is mind-boggling. What a daunting job it is to coordinate everything in a facility like this one. Those front-line workers don't get thanked enough, and could use a pat on the back and cheerful smile. They are the quiet hero's who enable many of our parents and grandparents to get out of their houses for socialization, hot meals, and many appointments.

Our leaders will be pondering future projects for the community. Senior facilities don't seem like a luxury - they are necessary especially when we think how many of us will be using them not to many years from now. It is a wonderful time of year to start thinking of a senior center as a priority for the whole community.

Upcoming Events - Ketchikan

~ Tea & Refreshments & Gift items at St. John's Church, Saturday, December 16th, from11:00am to 2:00pm. This is fun for all ages to celebrate the holiday season.

~ The Plaza each weekend has many vendors selling many wonderful Christmas items for the holidays. There is even a Santa there for photo opportunities for the families to visit. Stop in out of the snow and browse around.

~ Friday, December 22nd, the S.E. Senior Center holds its Christmas dinner at noon. This is a wonderful time for family and friends to come join the event.

~ Intergenerational Party at the Pioneer Home Saturday, December 16th. 1:00-3:00pm Bingo, and Making Bird Feeders and Gift Wrapping.

~ Alaska Community Services will have our Annual Christmas Party on Friday, December 15th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Seaview Terrace 141 Bryant Street.

"Bring your friends and family to join in the celebration."