PUBLISHED: 5:11 PM on Wednesday, December 6, 2006
Juneau Public Library Bookmark Contest

Photo courtesy of the Juneau Public Libraries
  The winners of the Juneau Public Libraries Bookmark Contest pose with their designs.
The Juneau Public Libraries celebrated National Children's Book Week, (November 12-17), with the Bookmark Contest sponsored by the Friends of the Juneau Public Libraries. Come to any branch of the Juneau Public Libraries and be among the first to enjoy this year's winning designs! Winners' designs will be given out at the library all year. Honored children received gift certificates from The Friends of Juneau Public Libraries Amazing Bookstore and Hearthside Books, and laminated copies of their bookmarks. Winning entries may be viewed online at:

A panel of five judges reviewed 1,098 entries and chose one winner and two honorable mentions for each grade level, preschool through high school. Their selections are...


Sidra Gregoire - Juneau Co-op Preschool

Adelie McMillan - Riverbend School

Conner Koehler - Valley Baptist Academy


Minnie Park - Riverbend School

JB Bernard Yadao - Riverbend School

Andrew Dilley - Riverbend School

1st grade

Sam Hall - Mendenhall River School

Morgan Cartwright - Home school

Mason Fowler - Riverbend School

2nd grade

Kira Sholty - Glacier Valley School

Paige Ellen Cassell - Gastineau School

Carraig New - Home school

3rd grade

Mattison Smith - Glacier Valley School

Simon Murayama - Alyeska Central School

Alison Schoonover - Glacier Valley School

4th grade

Ukiah Engen - Harborview School

Megan K. Wright - Glacier Valley School

Maire New - Home school

5th grade

Ruby Steedle - Harborview School

Rhys Coffee - Mendenhall River School

Padraig New - Home school

6th grade

Esra Siddeek - Dzantik'i Heeni

Selene Smith - Dzantik'i Heeni

Michaela Schlechter - Floyd Dryden

7th grade

Phillip White - Home school

Hannah Everett - Floyd Dryden

Amber Taguehi - Dzantik'i Heeni

8th grade

Devin Damitio - Floyd Dryden

Kimberly Laboca - SDA Christian School

Kayla Brown - Floyd Dryden

9th grade

Megan Murayama - Alyeska Central School

10th grade

Kelly Fernandez - Juneau Douglas High School