PUBLISHED: 4:07 PM on Wednesday, December 5, 2007
Juneau Economic Development Council hires two managers for its SpringBoard program
The Juneau Economic Development Council has added two new technology managers to its SpringBoard program, according to Lance Miller, JEDC executive director.

The new hires are Sue Chasen and Steve Eason, both of Juneau.

"We're glad to have these two with vast technology experience as members of our SpringBoard staff," Miller said.

"We want to capitalize on successes in our core focus areas in 2008 and beyond, and they will help us pave the way," Miller said.

SpringBoard, a multi-year partnership between JEDC and the US Department of Defense, is a statewide program to help transfer and commercialize DoD technology, including its research, inventions, patents and laboratory facilities. The partnership also promotes science and math education initiatives in grades K-12 in Alaskan schools.

Sue Chasen moved to Juneau in 2006 after 27 years with the Los Alamos, National Laboratory in New Mexico where she held positions from technical staff to Senior Advisor to the Director.

Most recently she worked for the environmental consulting firm POWTEC in Juneau.

She holds a masters degree in geology from Michigan Technology University and an undergraduate degree in rural sociology from Cornell University.

As a co-author, she has published more than a dozen technical papers on geology and geothermal subjects.

Steve Eason moves over to SpringBoard from the State of Alaska, where he served most recently as manager of the statewide microwave radio communications system.

From 1995-2004, he worked for the Alaska Department of Revenue and the Alaska Permanent Fund, serving as an investment officer for equities and fixed income assets.

Prior to this, he held positions with the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium and Scientific Atlanta.

Eason holds a degree in computer science from the University of Alaska and an MBA from Mercer University.

In other SpringBoard staff changes, Miller on Dec. 1, stepped down from JEDC and SpringBoard to take a position with NovaGold Resources.

Filling in as interim SpringBoard program manager is Peter Perna, who has been a consultant to SpringBoard since it became a program for JEDC. SpringBoard will do a national search for its top position.

Chuck Collins is serving as interim executive director for JEDC while the nonprofit recruits for a new executive director.

SpringBoard, a partnership between JEDC and the US Department of Defense, is a statewide program to help transfer and commercialize DoD laboratory technologies, including its research, inventions and patents.

SpringBoard also facilitates research projects between government agencies, universities and private companies and promotes science and math education in grades K-12.

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