PUBLISHED: 11:44 AM on Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Thanks to Juneau
When I think of wonderful places I've visited in my lifetime, Juneau instantly comes to mind. From your city I took a seaplane ride, an adventure that may seem usual to you, but to me was an opportunity to view our planet from a perspective unimagined back here in Kentucky.

Recently, our pastor's text was the Parable of the Talents. He offered his listeners $50, $20 or $10 to invest wisely for the Lord. With the $50 entrusted to me, I bought stamps for letters to the top 20 plus places I've loved, submitted one of my stories to a writing contest and donated money to charity.

Juneau, I am sorry that I didn't leave anything with you other than a few tourist dollars. I regret not sharing God's love with each of you I met when I visited. I pray that someone there hears me now. Seek Jesus. He's waiting for you, waiting to embrace you, forgive you and fill you with his love.

Jessie Trotter

Bradenburg, Ky.