PUBLISHED: 11:44 AM on Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Important issues not being heard
Tell It Like It Is!

I believe that wherever there is secrecy, there is always deception. I applaud the "Magnificent Seven" and also Governor candidate Sara Palin, who led by refusing to accept secrecy and deception as a way to govern our great state of Alaska. What Alaska needs now is to trade in those, who would apply secrecy as a tool to govern. We must restore faith and trust within our government.

I would like to see ex-commissioner Sara Palin and Tom Irwin, and those of the "Magnificent Seven" replace those who are now governing. We must demand that honest, ethical public servants negotiate the future of Alaska, for the people of Alaska and for our children. I'll bet the terms would be different and our future brighter than the terms presently being considered.

The people of Alaska need to be heard and informed on these important issues. Otherwise, we may as well be governed by a dictator. That's not what America is about. I've served my country, state, and community. I strongly believe in, "Of the people, by the people, for the people." I do not believe in deception. Alaskans must do better than that.

Ed Martin, Sr.