PUBLISHED: 3:27 PM on Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Owning a salon is a hobby of a job for Tichenor

Photo by Amanda Gragert
  From left: Owner of TEC Nail and Salon Sheryl Tichenor, Northern Hot Spots employee Lily Thomas and Tichenor's granddaughter and daughter-in-law Taylor and Liz Clayton enjoy a day at the salon.
Turning a hobby into a dream job is just what Sheryl Tichenor did.

A single mother of four sons, Tichenor said she had been looking for something to do with her extra time.

"The older my boys got, the more time I've had to pursue things," Tichenor said.

A self-proclaimed "people person," Tichenor said she used to bartend after her full-time job. When thinking of something else to occupy her time and be around people, Tichenor said she thought of opening a beauty salon, having worked off and on in the nail business for the past 10 years.

"I love this industry the hair, make up and nails, just everything about it," Tichenor said. "I could never take the time off to get a beautician's license, but I wanted my hands in it somehow."

TEC Nail and Body Salon, which opened July 2 in Northern Hot Spots on Jordan Avenue, was created. The store is named after her granddaughter, Taylor Elizabeth Clayton, and Tichenor said she wanted to run a salon that would be affordable.

"If I couldn't afford to go there, I wouldn't expect my clients to," Tichenor said.

For Tichenor, providing services such as pedicures, manicures and body waxing is more than a job.

"I get as much from it as my clients do," Tichenor said. "You sense when a client wants to talk and when they want to be alone. It's been really fulfilling. It's my hobby that pays."

Pedicure is her favorite treatment.

"You can really spend some time talking to a person, and a foot rub makes everybody feel better," Tichenor said.

Tichenor said she was nervous in the days leading up to the opening of her shop, but it all came together with ease.

"I was just nervous about it working the way I wanted it to," Tichenor said. "Things just got better and better. I really think it was meant to be."