PUBLISHED: 4:42 PM on Wednesday, November 28, 2007
American Red Cross given four stars
The American Red Cross has been awarded a 4-star rating from America's largest independent evaluator of charities, Charity Navigator.

For the sixth consecutive year Red Cross has received four out of a possible four stars indicating that the Red Cross excels, compared to other charities, in managing the finances of the organization in an effective and efficient manner.

The Red Cross additionally has been honored with being named the Best Multipurpose Humanitarian Organization in Gift Charities annual holiday gift guide.

It is a great honor to the Red Cross and a great comfort to our communities to be recognized in this fashion and with the holiday season and gift list to create won't you please remember the Red Cross.

In making a donation you not only help the Red Cross in preparing for and responding to emergencies but you also allow for other important programs, like the Services to the Armed Forces to continue delivering important and much needed services to military members and their families.

This holiday season help us to help our neighbors, friends and community families be prepared, knowledgeable and able to respond when emergencies occur, in doing so lives will be saved and communities united as one.

To learn more about Charity Navigator please visit their website at

To make a donation to the Red Cross you may do so by visiting or by calling 463-5713.