PUBLISHED: 4:38 PM on Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Bartlett Regional Hospital appoints chief nursing officer
Catherine Carter RN, MSN, most recently Bartlett Beginnings Manager, assumed the Chief Nursing Officer position Oct. 9.

Carter came to Juneau in November of 2005 to take a position as Interim OB Manager at Bartlett Regional Hospital. Carters husband Ronnie, followed in January of 2006. They both enjoyed Juneau so much they decided to become permanent residents shortly after their arrival. Catherine and Ronnie are natives of Northeast Arkansas.

Prior to the two years she served as OB Manager, Carter was an independent legal and nursing standards consultant. Carter has served as nursing faculty at Arkansas Northeastern College since August 2000 and has prior experience working in Critical Care, Staff Development, Emergency Services, and Case Management.

  Catherine Carter
The Carters enjoy the scenery and wildlife in and around Juneau and walking the multitude of trails. They have seven children and eleven grandchildren.