PUBLISHED: 12:24 PM on Wednesday, November 23, 2005
Working together creates best learning environment

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  Grand Camp of the Alaska Native Brotherhood presents $2,500 to The SEARHC Foundation to help with durable medical equipment, patient escort travel, and pharmaceutical charitable awards for Southeast Alaskans. From left: ANB Grand President Bradley J. Fluetsch, SEARHC Foundation Executive Director Cheryl Eldemar and Board of Directors President Joe Kahklen.
Traditionally families were the first teachers of children. Students learned by watching, hearing and hands-on experience.

Discipline was firm but kind, so much so that the child disciplined was not embarrassed.

The words of discipline were, "You will not do this again."

The child agreed and that was the end.

It was a kindly way of correcting the error and as a result the children continued to develop well physically, mentally and spiritually.

Property was respected, parents were respected, elders were respected, elders were respected, and the child also was taught to respect themselves. As a result, others respected the individual.

Today from the traditional culture of Alaska Natives, another individual has entered the teaching role of the American school system teacher.

This leads one to say now, we have a symbolic triangle in the educational program: parent, students and teacher.

How important it is for the three to be working as a team. Futhermore, a whole community also is an important part of teaching our boys and girls.

What can be a winning team for the good education of our youth?

People working together.

This practice, may it be not only for Tenakee, but for all other communities.