By Richard Stokes
Writers' Weir: A Scribble of Writers 112217 AE 1 Capital City Weekly By Richard Stokes

Art by James Kelly.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Writers' Weir: A Scribble of Writers

They fan out at the glacial stream,

sit on rocks, prop against trees,

watch and listen to the frenzy

of sediment-rich water coursing its way

toward the distant sea.

Milky green-brown water

foams over boulders

slides across flat ledges

rooster tails over submerged stones.

Across the raging water a fat porcupine

waddles along the shore,

clambers over a bleached fallen log

disappears into the blueberry bushes.

In their notebooks the writers

convert these images into words

like a blacksmith beats molten metal

into recognizable shapes,

sometimes of use, sometimes

for the simple joy of pounding.

Richard Stokes, a Juneau resident since 1971, writes about nature, which he loves, and aging, which he is doing.