PUBLISHED: 4:52 PM on Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Happy Holidays
American Red Cross of Alaska
Tomorrow we will sit with friends and family eating good food, toasting to loved ones near and far and watching football. As we do our minds will turn to holiday lights and sounds, evergreen trees, welcome wreaths and gifts to place in stockings and underneath the merriest of tree's. We at the American Red Cross would like to take this opportunity to help with your holiday list and make some suggestions for the very best gifts.

How about a gift certificate for CPR and First Aid training? Patricia deLaBruere watched emergency personal give her father life-saving CPR when he had a massive heart attack. Because of this quick action, deLaBruere was able to have many more years of memories with her father. DeLaBruere became trained, and in October of this year when a bus driver collapsed at the airport in full cardiac arrest, she and other good Samaritans' were able to give CPR which helped to save the bus driver's life.

Of course anyone who has had First Aid and CPR training will tell you that they also need the tools of the trade to be effective responders. The American Red Cross of Alaska offers a variety of kits and breathing barriers at a reasonable price, and all of your purchases help support the Red Cross mission: to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies and to provide relief for those affected by disasters.

If the people on your list already have all of the training and first aid supplies they could ever possibly need, you could make a donation in honor of them. With your donation, the person will receive a special acknowledgement of your gift.

No matter what holidays you celebrate, the American Red Cross of Alaska wishes you all the best in the coming year.