PUBLISHED: 5:04 PM on Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Pets awaiting ADOPTION
Juneau Gastineau Humane Society Shelter: 789-0260

Jini is 14-years-old, and this sweet black lab mix is surprisingly sprightly. Her name is Jini, she knows three tons of tricks, she's kind and playful with other dogs and she loves to go for walks. Actually, she might just love going for car rides. If you're going somewhere Jini is happy just to go along for the ride.

Kona is a kind and handsome neutered male black lab. At four years old he seems to be the perfect dog: Playfully puppy-like at times but still mature and eager to please. He gets along well with other dogs and has been practicing his leash manners with the Doggie Daycare Crew.