PUBLISHED: 5:07 PM on Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Another reason to be thankful
As we begin to prepare for the bustling holiday season, preparing feasts, buying gifts and fellowshipping with friends and family, I would like to express a heart felt Happy Thanksgiving to all. When I think about the origins of this holiday, I think of diversity and unity - two very important guiding principles of the American Red Cross, but also two very simple words that describe the breaking of bread between the pilgrims and Native Americans.

  Linda Wahl
How very thankful I am that the first diversity lesson was shared with us by two cultures that knew not each others language or customs but were willing to unite and welcome one another in shared respect for what each had to offer. And isn't that what we should remember as we sit down to our holiday dinner? Thanksgiving is a time to remember what brings us together and sets us apart.

A time to see one another through eyes that are innocent, communicate through a smile and find respect in the firmness of a handshake.

We are many cultures, many people with many stories and many, many things to share. So this Thanksgiving, take time to remember the first diversity lesson offered to us by two cultures who had every reason to fear one another, but chose to trust and break bread in friendship.