PUBLISHED: 5:05 PM on Wednesday, November 21, 2007
City, Juneau School District form community task force to address school sports, activities
Juneau Mayor Bruce Botelho and Juneau School District Board of Education President Andi Story announced today the formation of a diverse, community-wide task force to address accessibility and affordability of school sports and activities in Juneau.

"The Task Force Exploring Activities Money is charged with making recommendations to the Juneau School Board and the Juneau Assembly for stable and adequate funding to improve equitable and affordable access and expansion of extra curricular activities and athletics in Juneau's schools," Story said.

"Activities and athletics keep students in school and engaged in classroom learning," she said. "The Juneau community is very generous with funding of activities/athletics but the opening of a new high school in Juneau has brought to light inequities and problems in how all school sports and activities are funded. The School Board, with the support of Juneau Mayor Botelho, is leading a community effort to find real solutions that work for students, parents, coaches, booster clubs, and the community."

"I appreciate the willingness of community members to serve on this important task force," Botelho said. "I have found that engaging people in developing solutions to city-wide issues enhances the Assembly's ability to make good decisions."

"This is a unique opportunity to determine what is in the best interest of all of children," said Juneau attorney Vance Sanders, who will chair the task force.

"It really provides a good forum to facilitate the views of many segments of the community and to come up with a community recommendation."

Task force members, who will meet over the next few months, have all been involved in sports and activities program in Juneau for many years and/or have backgrounds in finance. Along with Sanders, task force members include: Archie Cavanaugh, Director of the Vocational Training & Resource Center; Ed Carrillo, - State of Alaska Department of Commerce and Economic Development; Leslie Dahl, Alaska Pacific Bank; Reed Stoops, Tish Griffin-Satre, University of Alaska Southeast; Alberta Jones, Grants Administrator for the Juneau School District; Bob Rehfeld, of Elgee Rehfeld Mertz CPAs; and Amy Skilbred, a self-employed Juneau consultant; Reed Stoops & Associates. Assembly Member Jeff Bush will serve as the Assembly liaison member and Andi Story will serve as the School Board liaison to the Committee.

This first meeting was held Nov. 15. Meetings are open to the public.