PUBLISHED: 5:05 PM on Wednesday, November 21, 2007
Alaska Seafood Company continues to expand
A brief on business with five questions
The Alaska Seafood Company opened in March 1987, and has been serving the community ever since.

A family-run business, the company is owned and managed by husband and wife duo Dick, president and Carol Hand, secretary and office manager.

Tim Armstrong follows as vice president and Jason Ward works as production manager and outside sales representative.

Photo by Abby LaForce
  Alaska Seafood Company staff pictured from left front row: Frank Jackson, Roni Laboca, Jerry Lewis, David Nichols, Carol Hand (office manager and secretary) and Dick Hand (president). Pictured from left back row: Don Jackson, John Batterman, Chris Miller, Jason Wiard (production manager and outside sales) and Jeff Firby. Not pictured is Tim Armstrong, vice president.
With 15 full-time, year round employees the business is bustling in Juneau. Alaska Seafood Company was the first seafood processing plant licensed to make a shelf stable smoked salmon in retort pouches. All products are available with Alaska Seafood Company labels and packaging or with customer's own label.

Custom processing is done to customer needs and will meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements. For more information go online to or call 780-5111.

What types of services do you offer to the public?

Wholesale/private labeling, custom processed seafood, custom processing (of) sport fish (fresh, smoked and canned).

What's your most popular product and why?

Retort packed and canned smoked salmon. We market these items hardest. That is our primary direction.

A majority of this goes into the Alaska gift market industry under our own brand name and under other's private labeling.

As business partners and husband and wife, what do you find most challenging and most enjoyable about running a business together?

Balancing our lives between business partners and husband/wife is a matter of being organized and remember who and where we are.

We try to leave home at work, business at the plant, always make time for our kids and ourselves and to stay at home with family instead of being out fishing.

We have always tried to stay on the front edge, sometimes getting too far ahead and having to remember to not get ahead of ourselves.

What's your busiest time of year, and what is the average amount of seafood you process a year?

Our busiest time of year is October, November and December, then February, March, April (and) then summer for sport fish.

We run over 200,000 retort pouches annually, 90,000 cans of specialty pack.

When did you move to the new location, and why?

We moved from our location near the Alaska Brewery location at 5731 Concrete Way in December 2006. We outgrew our old location and need more space to take care of business. We have a heat recovery program in the new shop. We recycle the waste heat from our freezers to heat our building. This was overlapped into our fish scrap. By the end of 2008, we intend to be using everything but the wiggle. Currently, the dogs and cats have been very excited our new pet treat.