PUBLISHED: 1:37 PM on Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Traditional treats at holiday times keep the memories sweet.
Like pictures in a scrapbook, homemade goodies capture happy family memories of special holiday times. Recipes help us pass along our stories by coming out each year with the flour and the nuts and the baking sheets, to be shared and savored along with warm kitchen smells.

From the moment the air turns crisp in the fall through winter's blankets of snow, groups want to gather - to give thanks, to celebrate yuletide and to toast the new year. With each occasion, whether it's dinner with all the trimmings or a simple, casual spread, the perfect way to stir up new memories is to seal the meal with sweet treats.

Sweetened condensed milk and mincemeat are reliable dessert helpers and key staples in any pantry. At a moment's notice, they're on holiday duty and you're ready to greet guests with the sweet aromas of the holidays.