PUBLISHED: 7:36 PM on Wednesday, November 14, 2007
After school shooting sports program now being implemented
On Nov. 2-4, NRA and 4H Shooting Sports Instructors Bruce Bowler of Juneau, Steve Kovach of McGrath and John Stevens of Thorne Bay, along with the 4H program leader, Peter Stortz from Palmer, worked together in Thorne Bay to train teachers, school staff and community members to become certified NRA and 4H shooting sport rifle instructors.

The three-day event was held at the Thorne Bay School. Attendees represented the communities of Thorne Bay, Port Protection, Naukati, Coffman Cove, Kasaan and Hollis.

Three district at large employees were trained and may be available for school sites that were not able to attend because of marginal flying weather (Port Alexander and Hyder).

Southeast Island School District will be starting an after school shooting sports program to offer students in our school district another opportunity to experience success.

The program will teach students the essential elements of NRA/4H shooting sports: the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to use a rifle safely.

Perhaps more importantly, the program will help students build assets that lead to success in life beyond our school district.

The program features Daisy Model 753 pellet rifles for use in competition.

The school district will be planning spring activities that will allow our students to earn merit badges, certificates and trophies, in shooting sports. Similar programs will be offered in our recently started Archery in The Schools Program.

For more information on our programs go to our website and choose programs and then PEP.