by Amy Pinney
Writers' Weir: Limericks of Mushroom Hunters 110917 AE 1 Capital City Weekly by Amy Pinney

Art by James Kelly.

Thursday, November 09, 2017

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Writers' Weir: Limericks of Mushroom Hunters

by Amy Pinney

A musky smell fills the air

It’s a cap and stem fanfare

With their pungent taste

We gather in haste

For they’re gone once snow is there.

Trod across moss-laden grounds

Basket in hand for what’s found

Gather autumn feasts

Shared by man and beast

In colors and shapes abound.

The woodland calls in the fall

‘Shroomers come out one and all

Hidden under leaves

And evergreen eaves

Suppers made from earthly hauls.

Amy Pinney lives and writes in Juneau.