PUBLISHED: 5:45 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2005
Soldier grateful for support

  Clayton Gilbert
Clayton Gilbert, an E5 in the 125th Forward Support Battalion, 596 Signal Company, wrote a poem to show his appreciation of support of the troops. Gilbert is from Anchorage and has a daughter in Juneau.

Times Are Tough

Bullets flying overhead
Mortar rounds exploding
Worried loved ones across seas
Pray we come home living

Times are hard enough
To get us through a lifetime
We prove our country tough
With our health and safety on the line

Twelve whole months
And sometimes longer
Strengthens our hearts
And makes our love fonder

Watching your back
Wherever you go
Not quite sure
If they are friend or foe

They don't want us here
Attacks won't stop till we leave
Maybe we should pack our things
And let this country be

Weakness they would see
So our country they would attack
9/11 in our minds
Is what keeps us from turning our backs

We are here together
As a solid team
Wearing our desert tans
Instead of our forest greens

We've done our training
We're serving our time
This country says
"You've done a crime"

Months go by
Days move on
Home is a dream
That seems long gone

Dreading each new day
Not wanting to leave your bed
With all these thoughts of pain and fear
Running through your head

We've got it pretty bad
Our families got it worse
In their prayers and dreams
They hopes it's just a curse

They thank us for what were doing
With their every worried feeling
Proud of you and proud of me
For serving our beautiful country

This poem goes out to all those families
Who've lost a loved one here
They served their nation proudly
And stood with no trace of fear

My heart goes out to all of them
And may our thoughts be tough
With all our friends and family back home
Keeping us in their thoughts

Our time is here
Our time is now
Our family's love
Helps boost moral

So to you, our friends and family
And the other soldiers serving
A great debt is owed to you
For all the support you have for your country.