PUBLISHED: 6:01 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2005
Unique locker decor adds style, function for student

Photo by Amanda Gragert
  Charlotte Brown can use her locker thanks to the shelves father Jason Brown installed for her.
Using portable, decorated panels may sound like a prop used in home decorating, but Jason Brown had something else in mind.

He made the lightweight panels to jazz up the locker of his daughter, Charlotte Brown, who started the school year at Floyd Dryden Middle School as a sixth-grader.

In a wheelchair after a 2001 auto accident, Charlotte could not reach the shelves in her new locker.

"It was just too high for her. Other kids don't have any problem, but she couldn't quite reach anything," Jason Brown said.

"We saw kids putting up pictures in their lockers and we wanted to do something different that would stand out."

Charlotte's mother, Audrey, said the project was a labor of love.

"He (Jason) would go to leaps and bounds for her. Anything for Charlotte," Audrey said.

In the process of making the locker more functional for Charlotte, her father covered wood panels with white tiger material and stuck them in the locker.

"I love white tigers," Charlotte said.

"It's nice."

Jason said the panels are removable so Charlotte can take them with her throughout her school days.

"She tells me that it's her place to go between classes. School can be stressful and she can just relax and take a moment at her locker," Jason said.

Jason said he would be willing to help make panels for other students.

Charlotte, who loves language arts and is not as excited about reading class, said her friends also have enjoyed her locker.

"They tell me they want one and that I'm lucky to have my dad," Charlotte said.

"He's amazing."