PUBLISHED: 6:01 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2005
Green is the queen when it comes to making soup

Photo by Amanda Gragert
  During the winter, Pam Green serves her soups at Costa's Diner at the Wharf.
When it comes to soup, Pam Green is the queen.

After Green's "short vacation" to Juneau four years ago turned into a two-year visit, she decided to make Juneau her permanent address.

"I had thought of leaving Juneau, but something kept telling me I wasn't done here. I knew that if I wanted to stay I needed to find a job, and I needed to find something that really fit me," Green said.

"I've got a business side but I'm also creative and fun and I like to bring that out for other people."

Green said she and her twin sister Jeremy, who grew up in Long Island, N.Y., made soup when they got home from school.

The idea of selling soup in Juneau came to her after she found a food cart for sale.

"Soup is homey and good. Juneau has soup weather all of the time," Green said. "When I found the cart for sale, it was one of those totally meant to be things. I marched myself around downtown to look for a place to set up and six weeks later I opened up on July 4."

Green opened her soup business The Soup Queen in 2004 near the downtown library and later moved closer to the Wharf.

During the winter, she is located in Costa's Diner in the Wharf.

This week she will begin making deliveries in downtown.

First-time patron Bridget Smith tasted andouille lentil and carrot ginger soups.

"They're both good. It's going to be hard to decide," said Smith, who chose the andouille lentil.

"The soup is very well seasoned. It's an out-of-the-ordinary soup, yet something delicious that is appealing to people."

Green, who is a certified public accountant, worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York. But after a merger, she left the corporate world behind to travel around the world.

"I thought I'd come back to New York. I could have easily gone and done that stuff," Green said.

"I just wound up staying. Juneau is a unique place that seeps into you."

In addition to wearing her soup "crown," Green teaches ice skating and helped start the Juneau Skating Club.

"I get to use ice skating and soup for my creative outlets," she said.

Green's soups include unique takes on New England clam chowder, spicy African peanut and Thai fish chowder.

Green serves two soups daily and said she always includes a vegetarian soup. She also makes pannini sandwiches.

"The soups are kind of (my own) version," Green said.

"I look up different soups and then I put my own twist to it. I like things to be surprisingly good."