PUBLISHED: 4:39 PM on Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Patti Mackey to chair industry organization
Alaska Travel Industry Association
The Alaska Travel Industry Association has announced its 2007 Board of Directors and executive committee.

At the industry's annual convention held last month in Valdez, the board elected Patti Mackey of Ketchikan to chair the executive committee and lead the organization in 2007. Mackey is the executive director of the Ketchikan Visitors Bureau and has served on the AlaskaTIA board for six years. At the convention, the board also appointed four new members to one-year terms: Don Habeger (Juneau), John Kreilkamp (Anchorage), Jerry Scholand (Homer), Bob Wysocki (Juneau).

The 23-member AlaskaTIA Board of Directors is responsible for establishing overall policy for the organization, providing oversight for all association programs and establishing fiscal parameters for association and marketing functions. The board also appoints members to the AlaskaTIA Marketing Committee, which plans and executes a global campaign promoting Alaska as a prime visitor destination and increase the economic impact of tourism throughout the state.

2007 Alaska Travel Industry Association Board of Directors, Executive Committee

Chair, Patti Mackey, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau; Vice Chair, Brett Carlson, Northern Alaska Tour Companies; (Fairbanks); Marketing Chair, Deb Hickok, Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau Government Relations, Stan Stephens, Stan Stephens Cruises & Wildlife Trips (Valdez); Secretary, Paul Allen, Holland America Line, Inc (Seattle, Wash.); Treasurer, Ken Dole, Waterfall Resort & Promech Air (Ketchikan); Past Chair, Gary Odle, Alaska Highway Cruises (Redmond, Wash.); Ex Officio, Ron Peck, President & COO, AlaskaTIA (Anchorage); 2007 Elected Board Members, Three-year Term; Inside Passage, Patti Mackey, Ketchikan Visitors Bureau; Interior, Deb Hickok, Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau; Southcentral, Roark Brown, Homer Ocean Charters / Otter Cove Resort; At Large, Stan Stephens, Stan Stephens Glacier & Wildlife Trips (Valdez); Outside, Gary Odle, Alaska Highway Cruises (Redmond, Wash.); 2007 Appointed Board Members, One-year Term; Don Habeger, Royal Caribbean International & Celebrity Cruises (Juneau); John Kreilkamp, Cruise West (Anchorage); Jerry Scholand, Kiana B&B (Homer); Bob Wysocki, Icy Strait Point / Huna Totem Corporation (Juneau)

The Alaska Travel Industry Association is a non-profit, member-based, visitor industry trade association that conducts marketing on behalf of the State of Alaska and represents the industry in the policy arena.