PUBLISHED: 4:13 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Ketchikan photographer grabs second place at museum contest

  "Capturing the Moment" by Hall Anderson.
Hall Anderson of Ketchikan took second place in "Capturing the Moment," a juried exhibition of works by photojournalists from the northwest. His entry was a color imaged titled "Making an Impression." The contest was held by the Coos Art Museum in Oregon.

Anderson, a staff photographer at the Ketchikan Daily News since 1984, took the photo while covering the Philadelphia Boys Choir performing at Holy Name Catholic Church in Ketchikan.

"I spent about an hour taking shots and as I started to walk out the door, thinking I had what I needed, this young boy stepped out from a pew and laid down on the floor in the aisle, spread-eagled, to listen to the music. I noticed the similarity to his body shape with that of the Christ figure on the cross on the church wall high above the Boys Choir," Anderson said.

While the photo wasn't published in the Ketchikan paper, it was picked up by the Associated Press and ran in the Midland Reporter in Texas.

"The mother of the boy in the picture somehow got a copy of the Midland Reporter article sent to her in Ketchikan. I couldn't believe it," Anderson said. "Ever since then the photo has proven it has legs."