PUBLISHED: 4:13 PM on Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Exhibit shows local artist's love of travel

  "Temple Chine" by Sharron Lobaugh
Well-known local artist Sharron Lobaugh recently joined Juneau Artists Gallery, 175 South Franklin, and will be the featured artist for November. Her exhibit of a series of watercolors painted from locations such as Italy, Turkey and China will open from 4-6 p.m. Friday, Nov. 4.

Lobaugh and her husband Cliff, a veterinarian, retired five years ago, enabling them to travel across the world. Lobaugh explained it always had been her dream "to paint and travel." She had been overseas before, to Australia, but was frustrated, as she had been too busy with business conferences to paint. Now it is possible with more time. Often she sends her family ahead to tour while she stays somewhere to record the scene. She likes to paint "plein air" or outside, in these exotic locations. She does quick watercolor sketches to use later at her home studio to develop further in oils.

Lobaugh's first opportunity to paint this way was in Rome, Italy in 2001.

"It was so picturesque, I wanted to paint everywhere," she said.

Lobaugh water colored 15 compositions, but now only has five left for display. She was pursued and persuaded by the people on tour with her to sell her work. She said she most enjoyed painting "Chivita," an abandoned stone village carved out of the hilltop. She later turned this painting into a large oil study. She said she painted so much that she ran out of paper. With the help of a street artist, she found an art supply store carrying Fabriano, quality Italian paper and was ready to go again.

"What I see tells me what and how to paint," Lobaugh said. "My style is unique to where I am. What's done in China looks Chinese. A dramatic bold mountain makes a strong oil painting, whereas a delicate bouquet needs a light pastel media."

The Lobaughs enjoyed their garden tour of China, finding the gardens "highly planned, ancient and integrated with the buildings. Turkey was "a fast moving tour by bus." Lobaugh's two weeks in France with her sister was "fantastic."

"April in Paris with every flower, every tree in bloom was the art to see. Just wonderful," Lobaugh said.

In Paris she enjoyed shopping in the oldest art store, Sennilier, where they grind jewels into pigments the old way.

Lobaugh's paintings of her travels will be on display for the month of November. For Gallery Walk she will bring in her oils and giclee reproductions in her theme "Ice and Its Effects." In this series she explores the luminescent effect of the blue icebergs.

"I found if I paint them, I don't have to weed them," she said.

Lobaugh was raised in Pullman, Wash. and attended Washington State University, graduating in fine arts. She met her husband at college. She taught school in Colfax, Wash. and, after moving to Juneau in 1962 to set up his practice, she taught art at Juneau Douglas High School for five years. She continued her education, receiving master's degree in education at University of Alaska Southeast and a master's degree at Boston University.

Juneau Artists Gallery is open from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday in November and will be open everyday in December.