PUBLISHED: 1:08 PM on Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Special interests don't care about Alaskans
I, like many Alaskan's, am asking, "What has happened to Alaska and our nation the past few years?"

We have seen so much corruption and arrogance: Abramoff and Foley, and too many other scandals on the national level.

In this state the undue influence of the oil companies on the state legislature, loss of the longevity bonus, lowered limits on lobbying, SB 141, that along with inadequate funding for our state's public schools can only result in poor education for our children, are only a few of the symptoms of the corruption in our state government.

What is the answer?

The state and the nation have unbalanced administrative and legislative departments and as the old but true saying states, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely".

Our nation's government was designed to have a system of checks and balances to keep any one segment from full control.

State governments have been set up similarly. The system has been corrupted. We have an unbalanced government that limits debate and compromise.

How did this happen? Advertisers have developed methods to manipulate the public; politicians use those methods along with unlimited funds to get elected and they cater to the wishes of the entities that provide those funds. Big money interests not only "buy" elections but also buy the passage of legislation they favor.

People who wield absolute power tend to become arrogant and, in the end, this leads to their downfall.

Sometimes it come too late. In the case of SB 141 the cost to this state and future state retirees will be extremely costly and may destroy the Republican Party.

Approximately eighty percent of Alaskan voters are not members of either the Democrat or Republican party.

If either party depended on their members to elect an official, they would never win.

The entire focus of political advertisements is on that eighty percent.

When you vote this time, remember what happened when one party ended up running both the executive and the legislative sides of the government.

Special interests don't care about Alaska or Alaskans; they only want to line their pockets with your money.

Jack Marshall