PUBLISHED: 1:08 PM on Wednesday, November 1, 2006
'Squeaky' facts
Tony Knowles intends to "keep promises, honor commitments and deliver benefits" to all Alaskan veterans. I am an Alaskan veteran. I took a job with the state and was injured on the job. Tony knowles says he is "squeaky clean." Here are the "squeaky" facts.

My benefits from that accident were not delivered because Alaska's Office of the Attorney General under Tony Knowles fabricated facts. The OAG fabricated medical reports which resulted in denial of benefits, and PERS claimed I should have been informed of my rights from their Newsbreak letter. No such letter existed during my time of employment. According to the State Constitution, I should have been informed of my occupational disability PERS. They all forgot that as a veteran, my life was on the line to protect the freedom they enjoy. Eight thousand Alaskans are fighting and dying to protect our way of life today. How will they be treated when they return?

Tony Knowles and his Attorney General must believe that the State Constitution is negotiable even though that State Constitution tells the Workman's Compensation Division to comply with the law, fully advising applicants of their rights. Mr. Knowles sure does believe in the State much so that he will "keep promises, honor commitments, and deliver benefits." What happened to this veteran's benefits?

B.J. Orand