PUBLISHED: 1:15 PM on Wednesday, November 1, 2006
TSA directs random screenings
Juneau International Airport has been advised that the Transportation Security Administration has been directed to perform random screening and inspections of individuals, their property and vehicles as they enter controlled airport access points, which is inside the perimeter fencing.

This includes employees, general aviation tenants and delivery personnel. The purpose of the screening is to provide an additional deterrent against potential threats at airports nationwide.

Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 1, TSA will conduct random screenings at controlled access points from the terminal to the airfield, perimeter gates and alternate entrances to the airfield. TSA will not be duplicating the efforts, which are currently conducted on ticketed passengers at the entrance to the departure lounge.

There will be no change to passenger screening. Screening will be conducted in accordance with TSA established procedures and in compliance with airport policy, state and local law, and operational need for items being brought onto airport premises.

The screening may include proof of ID, such as airport badge, prox card and driver's license, and search of vehicles, persons and their accessible property for hazardous materials, explosives or suspicious items not consistent with the individual's need to have them within the restricted area of the airport.