PUBLISHED: 1:16 PM on Wednesday, November 1, 2006
Match clears the way for lasting friendship
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska

Photo by Nancy Coggins
  Howard and Kody pose in front of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska Ketchikan office wall with match handprints.
"Big" Howard and "Little" Kody were matched within the Community Program of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southeast Alaska in Ketchikan for four years, and their friendship is still going strong. Kody's mother says, "He's ecstatic that Howard is continuing the friendship even though Kody has turned 18."

It's hard to believe that every meeting is an adventure for Howard and Kody, but that's how it is.

"Kody is great at hiking, boating, and even kayaking," Howard said.

You might guess the next subject of their interest would be anything that has to do with big trucks and racecars, but you might not have guessed, chainsaws. Then again, thinking like Alaskans, you might have thought of chainsaws first.

While he was in high school, Kody looked forward to their meetings each week as seen in his excitement when Howard would go to pick him up after school. And his teachers said he always had a lot to say about each of their meetings.

Their planning meeting about clearing a trail led to an extended project that lasted several months - weather permitting. Safety was the number one priority in their work - as is the case in every BBBS of SEAK - KTN activity. With the use of rakes, hand snips, and axes, these two "outdoor guys" were able to create a successful 1/4-mile trail, complete with steps, from Howard's backyard into the mountains.

They spend other fun times hanging out, watching old TV shows, like "Dukes of Hazard." Another favorite activity is playing video games.

During our recent photo shoot in the BBBS of SEAK - KTN office against the wall of match handprints, Kody posed as a guitar player, acting out one of his dreams. The sky is the limit when you get extra encouragement to "go for it."

Of the magic, Howard said, "It has been neat to see Kody grow up over the years."

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