PUBLISHED: 10:58 AM on Tuesday, November 1, 2005
Freeze Coverage Insurance Takes Care of Boat Engine Winterizing Mistakes
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An engine is the single most expensive item aboard a recreational boat and every fall boaters should take steps to protect it from freeze-related damage. EWhether you do-it-yourself or pay someone else to do the job, BoatU.S. Marine Insurance claims files show that engine winterization mistakes are sometimes made. This can lead to the complete loss of the engine.

Unfortunately, most boat insurance policies won't compensate the owner as this kind of damage is considered a maintenance issue. EIf you'd like a little peace of mind this winter, consider adding "freeze coverage" insurance to your boat's policy.

Freeze coverage insurance generally covers damage to the engine and a boat's systems as a result of freezing water. EEven a small amount of ice in an engine block can exert tremendous pressure, cracking cylinder walls or other internal engine passageways.

Jim Nolan, vice president BoatU.S. Marine Insurance, said, "Marinas and yards have a lot to do in the fall and potentially hundreds of boats to winterize. ESometimes an engine winterization job slips through the cracks or doesn't get done in time. EOwners who perform this task can also inadvertently make an honest mistake." he added.

Freeze coverage may also appeal to trailer boaters who occasionally travel south for vacations or fishing trips. "When your return home, any water left in the wrong place can freeze," added Nolan.

The coverage costs very little (BoatU.S. policyholders pay about $20 extra). ECheck with your insurance company about freeze coverage and cold weather deadlines for purchase. EThe deadline to purchase BoatU.S. freeze coverage is October 31 - after that it unavailable until the following season.

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